Walk With Me


Walk With Me
Written by Donovan L. Green
4/26/2018 10:27 PM

In a world where nothing makes sense, it doesn’t make sense to keep making decisions that we think make sense when we keep failing to make sense of the results we get. If every time we try to take a step forward we walk into a wall, then what we should do is turn and take a step in a new direction. It’s not the world we need, or all the happy people running around oblivious to the obvious. It’s not drugs or psychotherapist that we need, or group meetings and counselling. What we need is each other. We are the only ones that understand ourselves. Once we have each other we’ll be with someone who understands and we’ll be happy together. Walk with me. Run with me. Play with me. Lie under the starry sky with me. Swim with me. Eat with me. Sleep with me. Dream with me. Ignore the clutter and chatter of the world with me. Hug with me. Smile with me. Laugh with me. Let go of those things that don’t make sense and come dance with me.

Peace, Love, Happiness,