A Love Poem

A Love Poem
Written by Donovan L. Green
7/14/2018 8:27 PM

I want to write a love poem, something from my heart
beautiful and smooth, romantic full of emotion
we’ll never be apart, dancing, arms locked forever
I will spill my heart out and tell her she is beautiful

I love your hair so shiny and silky smooth
I love your skin so soft and golden tan
I love your eyes so bright and happy
I love your smile so pretty and genuine
I love your neck so tender and gentle
I love your arms wrapped around me
I love your belly button tight and uncovered
I love your hips a little curve just right
I love your legs long and smooth
I love you standing tippy toe
I love your arms over my shoulders
I love your eyes smiling up into mine
I love your nose touching mine
I love your lips as you kiss mine
I love your breath as you whisper in my ear
I’ll love you for ever and ever no matter what.

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i have had a couple of close friends short term, but otherwise i have spent my whole life alone. My parents distanced themselves from me but not my siblings. Loneliness happens when we are not acceptable for who we are. Not being accepted is a thick heavy shroud that is impossible to lift without being accepted. i have come close to giving up a few times but somehow i fight on for the hope that someday i will meet others, like me, and they will accept me like i accept them. littlegreenthing.com has been many things, but now it is another attempt to connect with others that feel the same weight that i do.

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