Written by Donovan L. Green,
7/28/2006 1:37 PM

I was reading an article about animal testing. It seems like it is rather easy to run across documents noting some kind of animal cruelty; hunting a species to extinction, killing elephants for their tusk, and killing animals to extinction or near extinction just to feed human vanity. A single species eating so much of particular animals that the animal’s existence becomes an assembly line to the mouth just seems obviously wrong to me.

I think that humans for the most part have become so disconnected from nature that everything seems fine. I think our connection to nature may be broken but I don’t think natures connection to us is. What I mean by this is that I think we are becoming a hated species on this planet. It’s kind of like the fact that the United States and Americans seem to be hated by just about every other country.

It may sound silly, like a Stephen King movie, but the rest of the species on this planet are connected. They all have respect for each other and each other’s existence. Even though many species kill and eat other species there is a mutual respect between the two. Tigers only eat what they need to live. A tiger that is not hungry can walk through a heard of gazelles and the gazelles just keep grazing. Its like this throughout the rest of nature.

A comedian once said that “mother nature would shake humans off the face of the planet like a bad case of the fleas”. I think that was Carlon, sounds like something he would say. I think that humans are now a rogue species that the laws of nature will take care of through all the things that humans are afraid will destroy them. Its seems an irony, but it really is a weak emitted pulse getting through the connection from nature to people. Its not imagination that drives the natural thinking that disease will wipe out a large percentage of our population, or tidal waves, or other natural disasters, its inevitability.

There is a grave misunderstanding in people that they think that people are going to or are destroying the planet. What they fail to realize is that it us destroying us for trying to disconnect from nature, the planet will still be here. And after some time, nature will have pretty much erased all suggestions that the human species ever existed. That’s just the way it is. Sad for us but true.

I don’t know why people want to be so disconnected from nature. Nature is really wonderful. Yes its hard, and I could get eaten by a bear, or fall off a cliff and die, but its being alive. I’m the kind of person that I need to be doing something productive or I start to really feel bad about myself. I think that the same applies to people and nature. Everybody is searching for something and they don’t know what. Some people go to church. Some people buy stuff, like excessively buy stuff. Some people eat, and eat, and eat. Others have some type of hobby that they seek happiness from. Not everything is bad, but what is not understood is that there is a void there, and it can’t be filled with religion, or anything other thing concocted to relieve the tension caused by the disconnection with nature.

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i have had a couple of close friends short term, but otherwise i have spent my whole life alone. My parents distanced themselves from me but not my siblings. Loneliness happens when we are not acceptable for who we are. Not being accepted is a thick heavy shroud that is impossible to lift without being accepted. i have come close to giving up a few times but somehow i fight on for the hope that someday i will meet others, like me, and they will accept me like i accept them. littlegreenthing.com has been many things, but now it is another attempt to connect with others that feel the same weight that i do.

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