Everyone Has Something to Say

Everyone Has Something to Say
Written by Donovan L. Green,
Thursday, January 12, 2009

 I don’t have any shortage of things to point at to say this is the problem with our civilization these days. It seems as though not many things do not bother me about the way we do things. I chase myself in circles over this stuff too it seems. Like, is it people’s greed, or is it a natural manifestation of nature to be greedy and there is nothing anyone can do otherwise, for example. I have thoughts and opinions on it all and sometimes I write some of them down, like this writing for instance. I’ll read it later though and think how stupid I am.

 Sometimes, I may not even make it as far as writing it down. Sometimes I shoot it down as the thoughts are going through my head. So, you think that’s a copout, perhaps taking the easy road, not worrying about anything. Well if you made it this far, check this out.

 One of the problems with our current culture, the electronic culture is that everyone is talking, and no one is listening. Everyone has something to say it seems, even if it is just crap. And everyone thinks what they say is important and that everyone should listen to them. We’re emailing, chatting, texting, blogging, portable phones that never leave the ear. Everyone, including myself has their own website, blog, email, and phone where they can tell the world their opinions, just like I do.

 We are a tremendously noisy society. If you think about it, everyone is constantly making noise of some kind. If they are not talking, which is rare these days, they have televisions blaring, radios cranked, mp3 players shooting noise straight into their brains. Drive to work some morning with your radio off and your windows down (I have neither radio nor air conditioning). You will hear all the other radios. You will hear all the important stuff, news, music, talk radio shows, sports, etc. etc. etc. blaring from people’s cars. They will turn on the radio when they get to work and then they will start talking only to break occasionally. Then they will get back in their cars, turn on the radio until they get home at which time they will turn on their televisions and talk until they go to sleep.

 Every individual has something to say. Maybe they say it to their coworkers, or their friends at their favorite hangout, or on the phone. Then a handful of people all are talking about the same thing at the same time and so they form a group so that each individual as well as the group can all make noise together. Then several or more groups join together. All their members are all talking. The groups are making noise. And the more groups that join in, or the bigger the group becomes the more ways they have to make more noise.

 I aspired for a long time to write a book. I still do to some degree. Have you noticed that it seems as though everyone is writing books these days? It is another way for people to say something, to make noise. Yes, a book is simply more noise at this point. Every politician, every televangelist, everyone is writing a book these days. Some guy murders everyone in his neighborhood and the smartest thing he can do after that is write a book.

 One thing is making more noise than any other thing these days, advertising. Good grief it seems there is no limit to advertising. A year ago, I was watching an Indy car race (for ten minutes). Lining every square inch of the sides of track were advertisements. It was all digital. The cars themselves have hundreds of advertisements on them. Have you watch a professional football game lately? They don’t have half time anymore. They have the Built Ford Tough half time show brought to you by the all new Ford. Drive the all new Ford and you’ll see why everyone is talking about the all new Ford- Ford, Built Ford Tough. And during the Built Ford Tough half time show is the Fed-Ex Express Play of the Game; Fed-Ex your worldwide shipping experts. There are more minutes of beer commercials than minutes of football.

 It’s not just professional football either. It is everything. Even PBS has commercials now. So not only do you have to go through the bi-monthly fundraisers, and Jerry Lewis, but there are sponsorship commercials at the beginning and end of each show. And clothing. In people’s bid to, “express” themselves (just more noise), they have become walking billboards. Some of them are as big as billboards. They should be charging these companies prime advertising dollars. It baffles me why someone intentionally wears advertising for big corporations, such as Pepsi, Nike, Budweiser, and all the sports teams, and the list would fill a book. But that is only half the story. Not only are they walking billboards, but the walking billboards pay these corporations for the opportunity to provide this service. What the hell. I was telling someone recently that I saw a woman wearing what appeared to be a leather jacket that looked like a race car cluttered with sponsorships and her favorite driver’s car number. I was informed that jacket cost over three hundred dollars plus. And the more popular the driver, the more people pay for their stuff. This seems really backwards to me. That driver, along with all of his sponsors would need to be paying me on a continuous basis to walk around in that advertising garb.

 Here’s one that will surely put me in front of the squad. Art! That’s right, I said art. It’s just more noise. I’ve called myself an artist on occasion. I still “do” what is plausibly considered, art. But these days, art is just more noise. Perhaps, hundreds of years ago when everyone was concerned about their next meal and only one guy in town was playing around with mediums and perspectives were there art, but today, please. What can be drawn that hasn’t been draw hundreds or even thousands of times? Think you can shoot something up with a shotgun and call it art, sorry, someone has already beat you to that one. Maybe if you got naked and swam around in a vat of paint and then climbed out and rolled around on a giant canvass? Nope, old news. Have you ever seen in Italy, 80 students sitting on the steps drawing a famous something or another? It happens every semester.

 If you thought there wasn’t enough noise beaming out from the planet, there is hundreds of compact discs available with sounds of nature. The wind, the rain, the ocean, pine forest, birds, rain storms, mountain streams, water falls, a “quiet” meadow, the beach, windswept snow drifts on the plains, humpback whales humping, good grief! I even have a set of six cd’s that is the hundreds of hours of strange sounds that one of the Voyager spacecraft made as it drifted out of the solar system.

 So, with the endless noise, the countless books, millions of different media for people to “express” themselves, to allow people to be “heard”, what encouragement should I have to write a book? If my opinion is that everyone is talking too much, and no one is listening, then what would be the right decision to make? To add to the noise and the problem, or, practice what must be the solution?

 I have recently begun to refer to our country, the u. s. of a., as a country of kings. And it seems as though each king is an expert. The country of kings believes that this is a free country. So, what you end up with is a lot of idiocy. Be careful when you go buy a book on a subject. There is no stipulation that a book should make sense these days. All that is a needed is a disclaimer saying that results may vary. Oh, but wait, that is standard. It is also my opinion that we are a country of educated idiots. This becomes evident with all the noise people make.

 If you haven’t noticed how many books there are on the market that should have never been published, maybe you have noticed how much garbage there is to watch on television. I’m not talking about your personal opinion of what is moral or Christian. It shouldn’t matter what your morals or religion is, is there really a market for cannibal zombies running loose in a maximum-security prison? Evidently, I read that as a description of a movie a few nights ago. It encouraged me to try to publish whatever it was that I could think of. On the other hand, what is the challenge of that? Surely, I had something better to say than that. There are probably more than 500 hundred titles out there with the phrase “washed up cop” in it. How about, “An FBI Agent”. I just don’t understand the point.

 I don’t know, for most people seeing how much garbage is out there is simply encouraging, but for me, well it’s a different story. Maybe if I was driven by money and greed I would do it for that. I wouldn’t care if anyone gained any “good” knowledge from me or not. Only that my bank account gained from their ignorance. Unfortunately, I don’t care how much money I could make off of someone’s ignorance, I only care that what I have to say is accurate.



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