Written by Donovan L Green
5/22/2018 2:35 AM

I see all these people (women) talking about having been touched inappropriately. They talk about how it has ruined them, about how much psychological torment it caused them, and I wonder how come no one has ever wanted to touch me?

I’ll tell you what is inappropriate. Two people together, with motive and opportunity, and being ignored. Let me tell you what the psychological effects of being a little boy and not ever having been touched by a female school teacher or anyone else is. It has left me feeling undesirable, unwanted, and discarded. All those times I raised my hand for help and was completely ignored. I didn’t want to know what 2+2+6-4+3 was, I wanted my teacher to come over to me, lean over next to me, put her arm around my shoulder as she knelt next to me with her hand on my knee and asked me what I was having a problem with.

I can only dream and imagine what it must be like to be human. Because surely two humans next to each other, must have the natural tendency to interact in a human way. To want to touch and explore sensuality. She could tell me softly, closely so I could hear when her lips separated from each other as she spoke that math is only the excuse as to why we were together. The real reason is so we could learn about each other, human interactions, a closeness that we were kin, of the same kind with a natural attraction towards each other as she slowly moved her hand onto my thigh.

To go through life never having someone brush against, lean into, or rub across me makes me feel that I am unwanted, undesirable, and less than human. Is there not a single woman out there that just in the course of normal daily interaction has just wanted to feel me, even through our clothes, even just briefly for a moment? Am I not human? Even a fucking goat can get a pretty girl leaning against him with her thigh as she preps him for the show competition.

I think I am going on television. I am going to name names. I am going to talk about how psychologically deserted I feel because I have never been given the attention that I deserve. I’m tormented and stressed, up at 2:30 am writing out my thoughts and feelings of never having been touched inappropriately. Trying to cope with the fact from a little boy through adulthood into maturity, that women have consistently refused to acknowledge me, to recognize me as man. Not school teacher nor street walker pay attention to me. A homeless stray dog gets more attention than I have ever been given.

We all need love, and I’ve not that either, but how about just some simple affection? We all need it. I promise ladies, I am man and I will not reject you, there is no inappropriate touching here, only inappropriate disregard. Brush against me as you lean over to shop for apples at the grocery store. Rub against me as you squeeze pass me moving through the doorway at the convenient store. Let me know I am human and that I exist.

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i have had a couple of close friends short term, but otherwise i have spent my whole life alone. My parents distanced themselves from me but not my siblings. Loneliness happens when we are not acceptable for who we are. Not being accepted is a thick heavy shroud that is impossible to lift without being accepted. i have come close to giving up a few times but somehow i fight on for the hope that someday i will meet others, like me, and they will accept me like i accept them. has been many things, but now it is another attempt to connect with others that feel the same weight that i do.

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