The Missing Link

The Missing Link
Written by Donovan L. Green
8/5/2018 2:33 PM

All fruit (sweet fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc.) bearing plants produce their own individual and unique organisms to decompose their fruit. This may sound counter intuitive at first but that is because you are thinking about fruit from the perspective of it being eatable. But the fruit is not the goal of the plant, reproduction is.

I’ll use an apple tree as a simple example. To the tree, the fruit is a gift basket to the sprout that comes forth from the seed. The gift basket needs to be unwrapped though for the sprout to have access to the nutrients. The apple tree produces a special unique bacteria to perform the unwrapping of the gift basket. Here’s how it works.

When the fruit has reached its potential the tree releases the bacteria at the point where the stem from the fruit connects to the tree. The bacteria begins migrating down the stem to the fruit. As more and more bacteria is released from the tree the bacteria dissolves the membrane attaching the stem to the tree and the apple falls. If we leave the apple on the ground the bacteria will enter under the skin of the fruit at the place where the stem enters. The bacteria begins to perform its duties of breaking down the nutrients in the apple. The apple begins to get soft and eventually mushy. Moisture released from the cells of the apple induces the seed to sprout. The partially digested fruit is like mother’s milk to her infant to the sprout. Because the sprout is unable to access the nutrients until it begins to develop roots.

Speaking of mother’s milk, the same goes for this new example as well. Each mammal momma produces a special and unique bacteria to break down the proteins within the milk so that the infant, whose digestive system has fully developed yet, can have nutrients to continue the process of growth. It’s not necessarily that each tree, or each mammalian momma has a unique bacteria to her, but rather it is unique to the species. In other words, I’m not talking about free-form bacterium floating around in the air that makes fruit rot and milk spoil, nor is it the case that bacteria from one apple tree will not perform its function on apples from another tree. In fact, what is worthy of observation is that the bacterium belongs to the species and wherever that apple goes, so goes the bacterium. In other words, the apple trees bacterium works on the apple whether the apple is on the tree, the ground, a grocer’s shelf or in our guts.

Without the specific bacterium designed and produced intentionally to break down its fruit, the fruit will rot as it literally dies and decays. Decay isn’t what happens when the bacterium breaks down, or opens the cells up, to allow access of the nutrients required for life to flourish. This is a misconception caused by ignorance. Death and decay is not what happens when the apple tree’s bacterium is releasing nutrients to the sprout. When the bacterium is at work and the nutrients are being released the apple is alive and that life is being absorbed by the sprout.

If you want to know what happens without the apple tree’s bacterium, spray the tree and the fruit with pesticide. The bacterium is killed and the apples need to be shaken loose from the tree. You can watch video or visit a large orchard and observe the large machinery that violently shakes the trees to get the apples to break free and fall. Then observe that the fruit seems to stay ‘fresh’ for an extended period of time that is unnatural. Eventually the apple dies and decay begins but the seeds in the apple never sprout. Why, because the sprout needs the natural process of the bacterium and death and decay is not the same thing.

Whenever we eat fresh foods i.e., raw and without having ever been sprayed with pesticide, the natural bacterium from each of the fruits and vegetables that we eat is mixed into the fruit when we chew it and when the fruit enters our gut the bacterium is busy opening the cells and releasing the nutrients contained in them. At this point we begin to absorb that life into our own through the walls of our guts.

So what do you suppose is happening when we eat fruit that has been sprayed with pesticide? We are eating fruit which doesn’t contain its natural and unique bacterium design and produced to release the nutrients from the fruit. We are consuming calories, but we are not receiving the life nutrients of the fruit. It remains locked away in the cells. The fruit was already dead without the bacterium and now all it can do in our gut is rot until our body rejects it.

This is the same story with the grain we eat, the milk we drink, the vegetables we eat and so on. if we eat sick and diseased animals and fruits, vegetables, and greens that have been sprayed with pesticide then the only process that can occur in our guts is absorbing of calories, not life nutrients, and we get only death and decay from them. If we are only getting death and decay from our food then our guts are an acidic wasteland and we are condemned to the same fate.

Our guts should be living worlds. A place where bacterium are thriving on their fruits baskets of life. Remember I said that each fruit produces its own specially designed and unique bacteria to break down the cells of its fruit, the bacteria is not interested in us, in fact it isn’t even aware of our existence. In other words, the natural bacteria produced for its specific purpose can’t hurt us. It breaks down the apple, completes its life cycles and is flushed with the material from the apple that is not useful to us. It’s when we eat death and decay that we get sick.

No discussion of the health of the secret world of our guts could be complete without discussing the most toxic component of the food we eat, sodium. Our food supply absolutely poisoned with sodium. If you think this sounds absurd then you need to do some research. Let me warn you now, if you research sodium as a constituent to health you will be convinced it is important and that there is no limit for the amount of sodium safe for consumption. You should begin your research with looking up the Dead Sea. After that you need to research sodium compounds and what they are used for. As far as diet is concerned, one thing you should be made aware of is that sodium is used as a life prohibitor in processed foods. The amount of sodium in our foods is to ensure that bacteria cannot survive in it. for processed foods this is a good thing because processed foods do not contain the type of bacteria that is told you about earlier. But you have to ask yourself, if the food you are eating contains enough sodium to prevent life, whose else life is it preventing from thriving and you need to realize what is really happening to you.

In summary, be certain that we live in a tainted world. I am not saying that there is not bad bacteria. Bacteria is misunderstood because some bacterium in great enough quantities is harmful. You shouldn’t eat an apple covered in green hair, or eat a black putrid banana, or a slice of bread or cheese covered in green felt. Good bacteria is used in our foods all the time. Yogurt, cheese, bread, and beer to name a couple of things where bacteria is successfully employed to perform an important task. What I am saying is that in order to be healthy the raw natural foods naturally producing their own bacteria that bacteria must be present when we eat those foods. Most importantly, avoid all food with added sodium. Sodium is important in our lives but research saying that no quantity is too large is research bought and paid for nefarious reasons. I have maintained a diet free of processed foods since 2010 and I stopped using all salt at that time. I am still alive and healthy and I don’t suffer from any of the ill affects that we get warned about. Everything contains trace amounts of sodium and a proper diet will provide enough sodium for our bodies to function properly while not toxifying ourselves with too much of it.

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