The Things That Really Matter

The Things That Really Matter
Written by Donovan L. Green
7/29/2018 6:30 PM

I was telling my two teenage sons the flat earth story. I only get to spend a couple of weeks a year with them as they live with their mom in a different state. My oldest son is sixteen and the younger is thirteen. My oldest son’s first reaction was, “oh God, you’re not one of them, are you?” I knew it was an uphill battle at that point. My youngest son was very impressive. Not only was he livid about his science being right, but he is years beyond what I expected in his knowledge of it. he paced circles around the living room coffee table for hours explaining to me the laws of physics and how gravity worked and what caused the seasons, etc. Of course, he’s just reciting what he had been taught but he did a really good job with having the right argument at hand with the correct science to explain any question I tossed at him. My oldest son was just uninterested. He finally says, “pops, did you know the earth is flat? That’s right it’s completely flat”. He paused, looked around with his arms out to his sides as if he was going to have to grab a hold of something to keep from floating away and then stated emphatically, “see, nothing changed, I told you it didn’t matter”.

Just with my two sons I got 100% of the populations reaction to the flat earth. The truth of the matter is that they are both right. The invisible scientist have a strong command of what people’s reality is. Even theoretical physicist and astrophysicist have become the modern day theologians and philosophers of the Christian world. Everyone has an answer to justify their beliefs. Besides, science is searching for a cure for cancer. Science is saving lives. Science is helping people, like amputees with new mechanical prosthetics so they can live a relatively normal life that they couldn’t have had otherwise. Science is making things better, solving important problems, and helping people live happier lives. Since all this is seemingly ‘good’ it must be the work of God. Only men do evil things.

I wasn’t trying to convert my sons to the flat earth side. In fact, I hoped I wouldn’t, not because I don’t believe that the earth is flat, but because I want them to be steadfast enough in their beliefs to not float around from one fad to another, or easily shaken from their foundation of belief. I simply was trying to get them to open their eyes and their minds to the fact that even though everything is taught as though it is a given fact, none of it has been proven as fact. Perhaps a person changing their belief from globe earth to flat earth is only a personal satisfaction. I mean what really changes? He is still going to pick up the remote and turn on the television all the same. And she is going to update her Facebook page from her smartphone app all the same. They are going to book a flight for a vacation and drive to the airport all the same. What really changes when we change the earth from globe to flat? I planted a small seed in my children’s minds. That seed will sprout and grow. They ideas that those seeds grow into will not be along the mindless mainstream. One seed will grow into a tree not fooled by anything while the other seed will grow into a tree that will be impossible to stop from spreading.

Well, first of all, if it were true the earth is flat it would mean that someone is lying to us. It seems too preposterously large of a lie doesn’t it. more on that in a minute. The point is, if we are being lied to about where we live, then what else are we being lied to about, possibly everything? The sun? The moon? The stars? It would be overwhelming enough for most people that they would just decide life is good enough the way it is. Besides, if there is one good thing we have an abundance of, it is hope. Personally I think they are placing hope for a better life in the same people that are lying to them about this life, but that’s just me and maybe a few others. So I have heard many flat earth disciples state the globe earth is the biggest deception ever. At first, this would certainly seem the case. After all, being deceived about the ground you walk on is pretty big.

The problem is the impossibility of proving otherwise. A person has to first believe that globe earth is a lie. Then they have to believe that the earth is flat. I mean, if it’s not a globe, flat is the most logical. But my point is not to argue globe v. flat. My point is the part about the lie. I really don’t think it makes a difference whether I believe the earth is a globe or flat. What I think makes a difference is that I can tell I am being lied to about pretty much everything and with that I don’t need have any proofs of the globe or any other shape. This is where I feel a lot of people make their biggest mistake with topics like this. If they don’t have something irrefutably proving something different they are lost. Soon they get tired, fissile out and just stay doing the same old thing they were doing before. The lie excepts them back in and the person is reabsorbed like nothing ever happened. Wouldn’t it be sweet though to have proof that we’re being lied to? We could grab our lanterns and pitch forks and march the liars right down main street into the town square. We would hold up our proof high over our heads and the throngs of citizens would become angry at the liars. The liars would be sentenced accordingly, and all the good people would be set free of the oppression and live happily ever after. Rings of Hollywood I think, or better yet, Disney; mocking us, throwing our weakness in our face with their overwhelming superiority.

Why would I write all of this if I believe proving the lies to be impossible? Why would I bother at all? What’s the point? Remember my question from earlier about being lied to about everything? Have you ever heard the saying, “choose your battles wisely”? Like everything else it has been twisted into something meaningless to basically say there is a time to fight and a time to walk away, but to the wise man, there is something different to this saying. I don’t believe that we should back down and not fight for what we believe in, but rather, choosing another battle that can be won. A battle that has direct personal meaning but also can influence other people. Globe earth isn’t the biggest deception ever sold and it is not the foundation that the liars stand on. The battles that are important are the winnable ones that chisel away at the foundation of the deceit. There is one deception and everything else is a lie to hide that deception; simply put, smoke and mirrors, parlor tricks, and circus stunts to keep everyone amused.

I often asked the difficult questions as a kid. I think most kids ask the difficult to answer questions until they have received enough education to know that difficult questions can only be answered by God or science. But I found that none of the religions, including science, was providing the kind of understanding I was looking for. All my life when my experiences and observations didn’t match what I was taught to believe, I just figure it was my lack of knowledge. But I never stopped seeking the truth. Eventually I began to get suspicious. I stopped assuming it was just my fault, I wasn’t smart enough to understand what I was taught and starting to see things clearly. I have reflected on a lifetime of experiences, posing questions to myself, coming at those questions from different angles. Trying to find more than one explanation for things kept driving me to exam the differences. Eventually I felt like a tiny bug a-drift in an endless ocean of lies and deceit on a piece of deadwood.

Is figuring out the truth possible? Is escaping the lies possible? Is it worth dying to find out? I have an older, atheist friend out in southwest Missouri, in the Ozarks, right in the middle of the religious circus of the western world, Branson Missouri. I used to have discussions with him. I would say, yes but what if?, and his response was always that even though he knew things could be better, he just didn’t have it bad enough to risk making things worse. This logic keeps most people conformed in their little cages and prevents them from wanting to explore the possibilities. The important thing to keep in mind is that behind every lie is a truth that someone wouldn’t like. In other words, the possibilities have to be better, otherwise they wouldn’t be deceiving us and telling us lies. To put it simply, there is no possibility that the alternative, the world that we don’t know about, would be worse or they wouldn’t be desperately hiding it from us.

I’ve been out here alone for a long time. I have yearned to find a small community of people or even just a single person, who believes like me or at least gives me the impression that there is a chance that they could walk with me. I have searched and researched so many possibilities and came up empty, realizing that no matter what people were exploring they were still living their lives based on the principles of the deceit they have been taught. I have witnessed people that believed in the most nonsensical stuff imaginable balk at something as simple as the flat earth. No matter how many spaceships had abducted them and toted them all around the universe, one thing was apparent, once they were returned to their beds in the morning they were still gripped by the quagmire holding everyone hostage. I’m looking for one person that can consider the possibilities that I present, to believe in just one thing with nothing to lose. What I teach is so easy and yet people just can’t hear it.

Question: think of something that you and possibly everyone else would consider a normal expectation, and then think of whether you have ever heard of an exception to it. I don’t want to sound cliché, but think about it. I know you have heard exceptions to the supposed rule. This means that the rules is created in our minds and the exceptions occur when the mind forgets the rule. In other words, I believe the rules can be changed. I admit though, changing a rule of the governing paradigm is extremely difficult to do conscientiously. I believe though that through exercising a belief that it is possible. My youngest son has a bit of a weight problem. He wants to do something about it but he struggles to control what he eats and how much. On the other hand he struggles to stay consistent with exercise. I told him that in order to have the success he desires, he must have the will power to do it. I taught him that what his focus should be is on building his will power. Building will power takes exercising your will to do something. My guidance to him was ever time he thought about snacking he should do a little exercise first. I told him it could be as little as standing up and lifting his arms above his head and back down again a few times. It should be something very simple and easy to do. This act of will power before going to get the snack will do nothing to lose weight and get in shape. But what it will do is build his will to do something other than getting the snack. Over time as consistency occurs he can add a little bit more physical exercise to it. before long, he will have incorporated more exercise until eventually he exercises and skips the snack. In this way he has slowly built his will power to exercise instead of snacking.

I believe that by the same methodology, we can change the rules thereby rebuilding our paradigm. So I have chosen a few ideologies to test. I have found a few things in which if I changed the rules would benefit me, then I have found that there has been an exception somewhere in the animal kingdom, and I have chosen to believe in the exception rather than the taught belief. If I fail, no harm done, but if I succeed at just one paradigm changing belief then I have exercised my will and it has become stronger. The reason that I chose exceptions that exist in the animal kingdom opposed to just in humans is for two reasons. First, every human is taught the same basic principles that create the foundation of the human experience. Secondly, because the whole animal kingdom shares the same world and therefore one set of basic principles should exist for all of us and the animals have not been taught the human paradigm. However crazy my logic may seem, it is logical none the less. Finally, if I do not succeed in changing a rule I am not going to discount my belief but rather understand the challenge I am faced with requires even more steadfast belief. I will never give up, and thus I have made my mantra, “if the only success I ever achieve is never haven given up, then I am successful”.

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i have had a couple of close friends short term, but otherwise i have spent my whole life alone. My parents distanced themselves from me but not my siblings. Loneliness happens when we are not acceptable for who we are. Not being accepted is a thick heavy shroud that is impossible to lift without being accepted. i have come close to giving up a few times but somehow i fight on for the hope that someday i will meet others, like me, and they will accept me like i accept them. has been many things, but now it is another attempt to connect with others that feel the same weight that i do.

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